Perth Landscaping Group is now a Certified Partner in Climate Action

In our goal to provide exceptional Gardening, Landscaping, and Reticulation services for our customers in Perth, we at Perth Landscaping Group have always exerted efforts to contribute in nurturing our environment.

One of the actions we have proudly taken was to continuously offset our carbon emissions and plant trees to support the Australian Native Reforestation.

Perth Landscaping Group has successfully offset more than 46 tonnes of carbon emissions. One Australian Native Reforestation offsets one tonne of Carbon Emissions.


In line with this effort, Carbon Neutral, a prominent Australian Carbon Solutions Provider and Reforestation Developer has awarded the Perth Landscaping Group it’s certification for Gold Standard PERs from the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor.

The Gold Standard given to companies as a certification was initiated by  the World Wildlife Fund and other similar organizations with the same advocacy in 2003.

Gold Standard certified projects plant up to 40 different species of native trees and shrubs.

The efforts of Carbon Neutral and its Partners has revegetated over 10,000 hectares of degraded farmland -a significant achievement considering the highly fragmented landscape of Australia.

It also brings about several benefits:

  • Increases the availability and connectivity of wildlife habitats
  • Climate change action through carbon removal (sequestration)
  • Improved soil erosion control
  • Future provisions and opportunities for scientific research, eco-tourism, and community education

Receiving a Gold Standard means that the company’s projects are being implemented while following rules for best practices, involves consultation with local stakeholders, and must also continually reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to improve not just the environment, but the lives of people as well.

We thank Carbon Neutral for this certification and we assure everyone, our customers included, that Perth Landscaping Group will tirelessly continue its efforts to secure a healthy environment for our children’s future.