Perth Landscaping Group: Winter Is Coming

Autumn officially started in March, however, it only just began to feel like it in the last 2-3 weeks! As landscape gardeners, we follow the changes in weather more than the actual calendar – so here’s what you need to know in this season..

In Autumn we look at preparing the garden for the winter rains, which mostly means getting ready for the winter weeds!

  1. Mulching the gardens now with a nice chunky mulch will definitely help keep those winter weeds under control!
  2. Landscaping projects – what can you do now before we’re stuck with the winter rain? Planting that new lawn can still be considered but not for too much longer – lawns in Perth go almost dormant over winter and planting a new lawn isn’t recommended in the middle of winter. On the other hand, now is a good time to look at planting new plants, and improving your soil.

How PLG can help this season:

Irrigation – get set for Winter

  • Optimise your watering schedule – in cooler months your plants need less watering, our retic technicians can help reset your controller
  • Overall irrigation system health check
  • Schedule bore testing for during the winter months to prevent your bore seizing up

Landscaping – it’s project time!

  • Want to get some garden improvements going and need advice from the professionals?
  • Is it time for a full garden makeover?

Garden maintenance: Keep your front and backyard in tip-top shape!

  • Do you need a hand to finally get the garden under control?
  • Need the professionals for larger tasks such as training or trimming a hedge, or pruning those shrubs?